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Flexisle - the missing link between idea and realisation. Flexisle - shaping the cloud.
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Flexisle - the flexible online solution for efficient and tailor-made information management

Flexisle provides companies and individual users with customized, result-oriented software solutions to information management, in an efficient and targeted way. This can range from office and data management solutions for complex human resource files, to keeping track of individual leisure activities.

To do so, Flexisle developed the  Metis online platform which can carry multiple functional and user-oriented modules  to support the follow up of specific tasks of an individual or within an organization, for example to establish systemic structures, to organize facilitary services, to support CRM and Invoicing, to manage human resources, post-calculation, to ensure safety and quality management (ISO-norms), and for environmental management...

This allows for a flexible, time and cost-efficient working method through which Flexisle can deliver tailor-made products at short notice and against a very reasonable cost. Through CloudNine.0, the use of the Metis platform can furthermore be internalized by the customer, without any prior requirements regarding  knowledge of database management, network knowledge, back-up set ups,  programming, etc.. This local program allows the user to build any functionality on the Metis Platform as requested without the need to write one line of code.

Please contact us for a free demonstration of the system. If you prefer to explore the system for yourself, this demo will give you an idea of what Flexisle can do for you.

The following companies already benefit from the Flexisle applications on the ingenious Metis platform.

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